Zeev Bar Ilan


Zeev Bar Ilan was born in Hungary 83 years ago. He wrote his autobiographical diary at the age of 60. He tried to publish it at  the "Yad Vashem" institute, but they told him that although his book is very interesting, it not only deals with the Holocaust tragic events, but also with his private life, therefore they refused to publish it. In addition to his autobiography he wrote six other books, romances and love stories in which he tried to freely express his fantasies, things he couldn't realize in his real life. Since the publishing houses demanded from him large sums that he couldn't afford, he had finally turned to the Internet.
Zeev is living with his family in Beer Sheva since the day he left his kibbutz in 1957. He has two married children and four beautiful grandchildren. He is involved in the political life of Israel and he writes frequently in the local newspapers. He translated his books into English by himself.

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שם היצירה שפה ת. הוצאה תאור גרסה למכירה מס' קטלוגי  
Rexy the matchmaker עברית 10/9/2019 A love story for young people and for those who are still young in their hearts This novel is a work of fiction. The names and the characters in this book are imaginary and any resemblance to living or dead persons is only incidental. All rights reserved ©  גרסה מלאה

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There are no borders for love עברית 10/12/2017 Ronen Ben David uncovered the shutter of the window above his seat and looked down on the huge ocean beneath. He observed below a big oceangoing ship sailing slowly on the endless blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. He was flying on a huge airplane
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David and Odetta 7/17/2010 The plot in this book happens in the 80 ties, when the State of Israel when was still under the fright of the Arabic terror and the bandit  גרסה מלאה

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Night Vision 7/14/2010 A love story  גרסה מלאה

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The sea dragon 7/10/2010 A love story of Tzunami survivers
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TANYA 7/3/2010 I read on the subject in the newspapers and on the internet I had been inspired to write this book. It's a sad and a hard story about heartless and merciless criminals and about women whose fate was cruel and who fallen victims in the net of scoundrels because of their poverty and naivety.  גרסה מלאה

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The jungle girl 6/21/2010 This novel is a work of fiction. Many names, characters and events in the book are imaginary and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.  גרסה מלאה

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Jealousy of urban girls 6/8/2010 This novel is a work of fiction. The names and the characters in this book are imaginary and any resemblance to living or dead persons is only incidental.  גרסה מלאה

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Honeymoon Park 4/24/2010 A Novel by: Zeev Bar Ilan  גרסה מלאה

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